Ciceros Strait. Must be the new Elvis haircut—I found and cured the 3rd sick monk seal on the S.S. (Sunken Ship) Emerald Lady, with minimal shark bites taken out of me. The first two times I tried this the monk seal was a no-show and once, by the time I saw him I’d blown all my oxygen fighting Jaws and his gang and got dragged back to the boat. I finally did it this time by following the exact order of seal locations—Western Shallows, then Emerald Lady, then Blue Dome—it pays to follow orders! For my pains I got a lecture on pollution from Capt. Generic. Next mission is a sick penguin in Antarctica. Since I had plenty of air left, I filled my salvage bag on the way back to the boat. Nothing too valuable (how well can a closetful of clothes hold up after centuries underwater?), but it all adds up.