Went to the Weddell Sea, healed a sick penguin for the next Help Me quest. This is my first trip back to Antarctica since the main story. It’s really lovely, all white icebergs and dangling shafts of sunlight. Saw 2 orcas, rode a minke whale to the map border. Aye, there be many seals and penguins, and some kind of tiny sea slug on the iceberg walls. Dived down to the bottom of 1 iceberg, but was too spooked to swim under it. There doesn’t seem to be a sea floor here. Went topside, saw emperor penguins nesting eggs, with skuas waiting to pounce. Returned to Nineball Island, slept till midnight. Was surprised to find I’d healed over 100 fish. As a reward I received another lecture from the skipper and a horrifying bouyancy vest—it looks like a headless starfish trying to hump my chest—no way I’m wearing that thing! Bought more anemonies and giant clams for the private reef.