Ciceros Strait–found the Explorer’s Treasure for a lady named Kiyoko.  Since my people at the aquarium want to see Valka Castle creatures, I swam down into the well near Triton Ruins and returned to Valka for a looksee. While I was down there I found the treasure room in the northwest corner of the castle and tried to fill my salvage bag. Something about the “pong-pong” of the sensor tool lulls me, and before I know it I wake up upside down with half my air missing. Taking a nap underwater probably isn’t the best idea, so I got up from the couch and stuck my head in the fridge to freshen up a bit.

Mermaid's Ballroom, Valka Castle

Next I went to the Aquarium to Give the People What They Want, and so stock the main tank with false killer whales, mahi-mahi and sea robins. The People, never satisfied, demand a seabird exhibit in the topside room. I go upstairs to oblige them once again, then get the heck out before they ask me to clean the lavatories.

All this work has made me blue, so before returning home I make a detour to Gatama Atoll and swim to the Blue Cliffs, there to dangle my fins over the abyss and brood. Later I discover a cave in the cliffs about 30 feet down. There are some rocks blocking the entrance, so I call in Pha and together we clear an opening. The so-called Silent Cavern is short and yeilds a mysterious treasure box. It makes a really cozy place to peer out over the open sea and I want to return there someday, perhaps with a cushy chair and a reading lamp.

The view from Silent Cavern

Back at Nineball I appraise the loot. 10,000 each for the Valka Castle treasure and the Silent Cavern mysterious box (which goes by the Moon Treasure in treasure-naming circles).