Nineball Island, Sunrise—Finley the dolphin trainer showed up early this morning to see Pha. It’s hard to tell whether he’s really interested in Pha’s progress, or just wants to remind us that we’ll never, ever be better than him. Either way, he praised Pha’s “sick combos” and gave us a tip about recruiting another show dolphin, an albino somewhere in Ciceros Strait. The catch is we have to beat him to it if we want to stay in the game. The other catch is that if we do, we’ll probably have to see Finley again.

Next, since I wanted to have an easy day, I took a guy named Alexander to Antarctica to see an emperor penguin. That’s it. Of all the tasks I’m asked to perform in this game, the guided tours are my favorites. The client usually sees what they’ve come to see fairly early; then it’s just a matter of swimming around showing off the sights and doing a little treasure hunting and picture taking on the side. We mapped out the Weddell Sea today, and saw many new species of seals and penguins. Elephant seals were appropriately huge and intimidating (I saw one attack a Volkswagon on YouTube once), and there’s the little Gentoo penguin, which looks like it’s wearing white earmuffs. 

We explored the deep ice cave and entered the Hall of Radiance for the first time since the search for the singing dragon. The Hall is an incredible sight, a vast hollow snowball supported by giant ice columns and slantwise crystal shafts. You almost expect Superman to show up and kick you out of his Fortress of Solitude.