Gatama Atoll, Sunrise—Just a short mission today, as it’s late at night in realtime. Went out on a salvage request to find the Admiral’s Pistol. When you go out on these salvage missions now, the client usually hands you a map which is a tiny scrap of the big map. Toggling between the big map and the scrap, you figure out where you should go. This time it was easily found in the Gatama’s Navel region.

While I was there, I set out to solve the High Salinity Testing Results riddle. I had to have a little help with this one, as the clue only says there are high-salinity readings in the microatolls in Gatama. Oh really, so what? I read somewhere on one of the boards that the microatolls are in the Donut Reef area (Mmmm…doh-nutsssss…). Honest, I try not to cheat, but if I hadn’t learned that, I never would’ve found it. As it is, you have to do a good deal of far-flung multisensoring, picking up some nondescript salvage junk. Later, when Nancy polishes it off, you learn that you found a hand mill.

Now, you’d have to know your Brothers Grimm to get the joke:

An old sea captain was tired of chasing across the storm-tossed ocean to retrieve salt for his margaritas, so when he met a wealthy man who boasted that all his riches came from a magic handmill, the captain asked, “Arrr, do it grind salt, matey?” To which the man said, “Yea, it do.” The captain made some outrageous bargain for  it (or maybe he just stole it outright, it’s been awhile) and took it on board with him. He got it started and sure enough, soon salt was spilling all over the deck. Trouble is, he couldn’t stop it, and before long, he had salt up to his poop deck and the ship was going under. So he threw the mill into the sea and the whole crew drank frozen margaritas till they stumbled into port, the end. Oh, and what happened to the mill? It continues to grind out salt on the bottom of the ocean to this day. And that, children, is why the sea is salt. And don’t let those science geeks tell you any diff’rent.

Anyway, for solving this convoluted riddle, I receive a  mermaid figurine to beautify my private reef. How tasteful!