Gatama Atoll, daybreak—I get a regular series of photo requests via Nancy from a mystery man. All we know about this guy is that he’s a former diver who had some kind of accident that caused him to lose his memory, and he wants certain photographs to help cure his amnesia. The latest request is for an orange sea slug. I’ve put this task off for a while because I had no idea where to find one. I have many flavors of sea slug—yellow, pink, striped, tutti-frutti—but no orange. Then I learned that if you click on a blank silhouette in your marine life encyclopedia, you can turn through the ocean maps and see where unknown creatures can be found—an inestimable aid to the cryptozoologist.

I used this trick on the unnamed sea slug shapes in my book, and found one that was located in nearby Gatama Atoll at coordinates C5, B7, and G6—all I had to do was go there and look. It’s actually a bit harder than that, because a single map square is pretty large and sea slugs are tiny. It’s also hard to keep your bearings within a single square—lose focus a moment and you’re in a completely different part of the map. I took along Oceana for her eagle eyes at spotting wee critters.  After some tedious looking and clicking, I found one at B7, hiding in plain sight as it were in a wide expanse of empty sand. Got as close as I could with the zoom to take a pic, but it still looks like a redhead’s eyelash got on the lens.

The ferocious orange sea slug

And that’s how I found the legendary orange sea slug. Sorry folks, they can’t all be thrillers.