The Grave Keeper


Zahhab Region, noon—On our last visit to the Depths of Zahhab (the ill-fated Viking Treasure quest), we learned that that the giant isopod was Oceana’s all-time favorite creature. So today I return  to the dark confines of the Twin Caves with Oceana, whereupon finding two disgusting giant isopods, a cutscene ensues, revealing a third, even more disgusting isopod, a legendary creature called the Grave Keeper. Oceana is delighted: why isn’t it just the cuddly-wuddliest little thing you ever saw? We’re told that, like all giant isopods, the Grave Keeper, which is the size of a baby (nice image), feeds upon the pale, bloated carcasses of whales and other creatures that expire and land on the scrap heap of the seafloor—including, presumably, treasure hunters who set out in leaky submarines. You would think that, confronted with the knowledge that the Grave Keeper (c’mon, look at its name!) in all probability contains the body of her long-lost father—albeit in nutrient form—she would break down on the spot, but no, she thinks it’s adorable. Maybe she knows something I don’t. Or maybe she’s fully aware he’s dead and  bonding with the sea cockroach that ate her father is her way of somehow being closer to him, of gaining closure on her grief. Anyway, though we map the rest of the depths region, I tactfully keep her away from the Osiris’ Courtyard and the wreck of the HD-9.

Back at the surface, I trade Oceana for Lilly and finish mapping the open sea. Then on the way home, stop off  in Ciceros Strait to take a photo of the Cross Rift for our mystery man, ML.

On Nineball Island Oceana, out of gratitude (or maybe because I finished the Zahhab map), hands me 20,000 P.

Which brings my total to 337,949—1/3 of the way!