Out of my element


First off, I want to give a big shoutout to the Gamestop/GameFAQs message boards (http://www.gamespot.com/wii/adventure/foreverblue2beautifulocean/index.html?tag=tabs;summary). One of the posters there, Elmeaux, somehow found this blog and made an announcement about it, drawing warm greetings from fine people. Considering that I wasn’t even able to find this blog on Google or WordPress, I’m grateful that you found me. I rely heavily on the Gamestop site, both for the inestimable guides, maps, and walkthroughs provided by Phisheep and many others, and for the community of fellow Endless Ocean fans/obsessives who post spoilers and observations every day. I’d be lost in a cloud of my own bubbles without you.

I’ve tried to contribute to the board for awhile now, but I’m having a helluva time registering. The board recognizes my e-mail address, but not my password. When I try to change my password, it says it’ll send an e-mail to me, but none ever comes. As a matter of fact, I started this blog precisely because I was frustrated in posting to the boards: I had to talk to somebody about EO, and my wife and son had had enough from me already. I’m going to try registering a new e-mail address and start from scratch, so hopefully I’ll get on the boards soon to thank everybody properly, promote the blog and contribute to discussion.

Now then, here’s my current ‘to-do’ list:

@ 84 hrs; 565,157 P:

Salvage Requests

  • Cortica River, Midstream—Diamond Brooch, 2100 P, 5 days
  • From FF, another “mystery map scrap” request.
  • Zahhab Region—Merchant’s Staff, 2100 P, 7 days
  • Gatama Atoll, Deep Hole—Valuable Shield, 1900 P, 5 days


  • Ciceros Strait—Ebiike, 1400 P, 2 days
  • Valka Castle—Jeanne, 1400 P, 3 days
  • Cortica R. midstream—Gabrielle, 1100 P, 5 days


  • Bigfin reef squid—Gatama F6, G6; Deep Hole, kelp tunnel; 800 P; 5 days
  • Giant grouper—Deep Hole, 1000 P, 8 days


  • Blue Bird, Antarctica

Dolphin Shows

  • Elena, 1100 P, 5 days

Octopus Steals Video Camera

Finally, this video has been all over the news, but if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look, it’s pretty cool: