Now that the Cavern of the Gods has been reopened, it’s time to start thinking about what else needs to be done. It’s not easy in an open-ended game like this to decide when you’re really finished, yet finish I must. It’s not like I’m sick of Blue World, but I would like to try some other things that are out there—like reading, and spending time with my actual family, and going outdoors now and then. So here’s a list of what I want to accomplish before I put EO back on the shelf for awhile:

  • Finding all the fish, including the legendaries. There are 41 species still left to be discovered, and until every shadow in the book has been colored in, the game’s not over. I’d also like to get all the information on each one, no matter how much I have to feed them, tickle them, or take their pictures.
  • Befriending all the dolphins—even the ones who are hogs for gifts. I don’t want Finley haunting me.
  • Training them’s not high on my list, however.
  • Finishing all the major quests, especially chasing that @&$% blue bird to earth.

As for some of the other things, I’m not so keen on completing them. If in my travels I find all the coins—great—but I’m not going to comb the seafloor looking for spare change. Getting a few more magazine covers—maybe. One million visitors at the aquarium—meh. Another million pelagos—not bloody likely.

Getting every single one of the titles—never gonna happen.