I want to thank everyone who wrote to say they’ve enjoyed the blog and asked such pertinent questions that went unanswered for so long. Believe me, I know what it’s like to visit a blog day after day, then week after week, and eventually month after month waiting for something, anything to change. I am sorry that as a blogger I’ve fallen into that trap myself. You guys are great, and you deserve much better.
I won’t be posting every couple of days as in the past, but I hope to at least return about once a week or so. Please stay tuned and keep sending those cards and letters!

Where’ve I been? Here and there, mostly on other games–Wii Sports Resort, Madden Football, Lego Harry Potter, a “dark period” with Goldeneye and Call of Duty, and finally, a little game called Ocarina of Time. Finally I reached a blocking point on OoT where I needed to take a break, and here I am. I’m going to try to finish out what I set out to do here, and maybe take a stab at Endless Ocean I.